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 This is not a full list of all exhibitions; all in all during the same years about 30 exhibitions took place in Germany and Russia.
1993 Solo exhibition of painting and graphic art in Germany central city library Felbort.
1994 Solo exhibition of linocut (the same city).
1994 Participant of exhibition Another voice. Germany, Felbort
1995 Solo exhibition of painting. Central library. Exhibition took place under the festival of Russian culture in Germany, Essen.
1996 Participant of seasonal exhibitions of painters in Krulatskoe, Moscow.
1999 Solo exhibition of graphic. Germany, Ratingen.
2002 Strong as death, love. Solo exhibition of painting and graphics in the center Arhaean, Germany, Solingen.
2002 Solo exhibitions Fayst in Russian (models, sketches) in Goethe Museum. Germany, Dusseldorf.
2003 Solo exhibitions of painting and graphics Song of Songs in High Catholic School. Germany, Wuppertal.
2003 Exhibition dedicated to the anniversary of F.I.Tutchev. Center of Russian Culture MIR, Germany, Munich.
2003 Solo exhibition of painting in Dorper Kirche. Germany, Solingen.
2004 Exhibition of linocut from the book Poetry of Russian cuisine, (publisher Grupello). Goethe Institute, Byelorussia, Minsk.
2004 Solo exhibition of painting and graphics Biblical motives. Germany, Dortmund.
2004 Solo exhibition Strong as death, love. Gallery Laros, Germany, Felbort.
2005 Solo exhibition A Picture as a text a text as a picture in center Archaean. Germany, Solingen.
2006 Solo exhibition Erl-King. Hotel Essener Hof, Germany,Essen.
2006 Solo exhibition Erl-King. Germany, Duisburg.
2006 Solo exhibition A Picture as a text a text as a picture and Erl-King. Germany, the Haus Hek gallery. Verden.
2007 A number of photo and linocut exhibitions in Majersche book shops. Germany.
2008 Participant of the International Art Festival Traditions and Contemporaneity in Manezh. Russia, Moscow. http://artvera.ru/data.php?id=27
2008 Solo exhibition Whether my angel you hear me?. Dort Church. Germany.

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